Posted by: quantumx | August 28, 2008

Time… Free time… Do we control our time?

Even though I knew what is blogging from a long time, I didn’t attempt to create one for myself. (I have created many for others and for several educational purposes though.)

Main reason (well… I thought) was the limited time I’m having for my leasure purposes.

As a post graduate candidate in a foreign university (UniSA – Adelaide, Australia), I thought it would be hard to find some time for things like this. But someone inspired me to create this blog finally – for myself!

Then only I realised the power of our selves. We may roam around internet doing fancy things, which wastes our time – So I thought of gaining control of my time once again! yes!

So according to the inventer of the term WEB 2.0 (O’Reilly) WE ARE THE WEB!

So let’s control it. Because, as humans we have, and we should have the power to dominate everything else!Including TIME.

Some topics of this blog might be bit controvertial. But as the topic suggests, this is a QUANTUM FOR EVERYBODY! So all positive and negetive comments are welcome 😀

Be open always. Be transparent always. Respect others’ opinions. 🙂


– D



  1. hehe good……….I have created a one too but just have only one post there…….I’ll post the link later, can’t remember it

  2. @ Parker>
    You’re doing A/Ls neda? after the exams do something nice 🙂 Waiting to see 😀

    Coz I know you’re another person like Boman, Sampath, Freednbeing – OPEN MINDED.

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