Posted by: quantumx | August 31, 2008

Who owns web 2.0?

Web 2.0 is a contemporary topic. But who really owns web 2.0?

This youtube video done by Prof. Mike Wesch of Kansas State University, USA, explains it really well.

So WE are the owners of the web!

BUT, we have to think and rethink more about the later part of the video when using social networks, wikis, AdSense etc.


Welcome to the WEB 2.0 World, where WE ARE THE WORLD!


  1. awesome video machang..U know Im not much aware of those IT stuff..But I even found it really valuable and giving nice understanding…Yah finally we are the owners of web…But as you said we got to think about Authorship,Copyright,Identity,ethics,Governance,

    Just like world huh??? we own it but have to think about rules and all those stuff…

    I mightn’t have taken correctly if so ignore it macho…

  2. Sampath > Owu machang. Uba gaththa meaning eka hari🙂

    Onna oya dewal gana thamai ithin issarahata hithanna wenne apita🙂

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