Posted by: quantumx | September 1, 2008

Humanity? අපේ මනුස්සකම…

This is an old song which tells about the era which, Sri Lanka was a British Colony.

(Well.. I editted it a bit though.)

Even though this song tells about the British/ Holand/ Dutch invasions and consequences, now again it’s the time where this song is applicable to Sri Lanka.

Last week one of my friends met with an accident. Actually he just came to visit me, and some stupid bastard had crashed on to the parked car and fled. Didn’t even see the colour of that particular car.

Anyway… now this friend of mine is relatively new to the country. So there are huge financial difficulties for him since he is here with his wife and 1 year old kid. His car needed to be repaired and was estimated for $4,000. Surely he cannot afford this much of money!

He even haven’t got any food left at home because they were hoping to go on shopping after seeing me.

OK. Now.. no money to repair his car. No food at home. No any other way to go shopping. No way to go for work – hence no money to survive the week even. (Well.. This is the normal situation when you’re new to this country. You don’t have much savings in the account. You just live week by week.)

Then suddenly came another Sri Lanka – who is again new to the country (just 2 weeks). Offered a big amount of cash from what he had brought from Sri Lanka. Another Sri Lankan family has gone shopping for my friend and bought a whole lot of stuff for his family. Another Sri Lankan mechanic and came finally ad repaired the vehicle for just $500! (Whereas the initial estimate was $4000.)

I was wondering what happened…. I just couldn’t believe my self.. Sri Lankans willing to help an unknown guy. (Financially, human strength, goods, expertise etc.)

So I thought for myself…. If all the Sri Lankans in Sri Lanka behave like this, we will definitely see a great SRI LANKA. But what’s the matter? I mean why don’t these people behave like this in Sri Lanka when they behave like this in Australia?

Finally I thought… That song is applicable here as well…

“Sri Lankans do have humanity in a greater depth. But they cannot show it due to surrounding factors. Hence the people who has real Humanity in them, tend to leave Sri Lanka”




  1. things like this happen all over the world and specially if they r from a same race/nation people try to help u out cos of that special feeling u get being a sri lankan vise versa since both of them live in someone else’s land.

    and the best thing I’ve seen here is people helping out tsunami victims. but not sure whether ppl helpd tsunami vicims in noth n north west as much as they helpd others. (there maybe several reasons for that)

    btw strangers tend to help u out sometimes than ppl u knw. again there myt b plenty of reasons. lol
    u should check NN’s post on malee’s blog about that. answer is there:)

    post about strangers:

  2. answer is already in ur post aiya

    “Sri Lankans do have humanity in a greater depth. But they cannot show it due to surrounding factors”

    I will say it in sinhala
    “okata kiyanne ape kama kiyala” ehemath nethnam manussa kama.!

  3. very true machan…Surrounding factors.

  4. Well, As Malee said, Answer is there. The factors around are the reason for Sri Lankans to just forget what should do. And As I realized, and as we talk all the time about our friend gang, It’s just like flying in the same clan.
    And being alone in a distant country with all the unknown strangers around with a totally different social environment, All the even nationalized ppl must be behaving like that ne? In fact that habit is what make them secured in a more trustworthy manner.

  5. @ Parker >
    Thanks machang. uba wenath perspective ekakin balala thiyenawa siddiya. Thanks for the idea 😀
    Ow uba kiyana ekath hari machang.
    But mama kiyapu eka eeta wada tikak sensitive. eeka Aus awillama ath dakinna ooni.
    Like $6000k aran aapu kenek $2000k wena kenekta denna ready kiyanne wena kauruth karanne nathi wadak 🙂

    Malee, Boman >>
    Yeah wenna puluwani neda? 🙂

    Well.. Not everybody machang. Some cultures like Greeks behave in a very strange manner. They behave like how many people behave in Sri Lanka – even they are in Aus now.
    But I’ve seen lot of Goodness in our Sri Lankans.
    We can be the greatest nation in the world to tell you frankly. Coz we do have the greatest brains I’ve ever seen. I work with Chinese, Japanese, British, American, Swiss, Indian, Auss, German, Russian, Greek people. – Among them, we as Sri Lankans have a great power.
    Really sad people are not using them to develop Sri Lanka.

    Well… Can’t blame people. It’s the corrupted system. Corrupted politicians, Corrupted attitudes!

  6. hmm I think macho we feel more link “sri lankan” out of sri lanka rather than being in sri lanka…Any way macho some times I even worried do we really need any reason at all to help some body…a relationship,age long friendship,….or any thing… some times yes but some times not….I think real Humanity come with that “not”….But to come out that we need a good surrounding as you said….people are always willing to do it but the created system doesn’t go with it…so macho”උපන් ගේ උරුම උපන්ගේම වියළිලා…”

    i even agree with comment you gave before mine …so true macho..I ve been in touch with those Norwagians,Americans,Britis bla bla …Sri lankans are simply ahead of them…But Japanese I ve to think of…But may be Japanese ppl I made friends with were brilliant..May be they are not the natural or common Japanese ..Because I almost saw the sri lankan Quality in them,… Any way it may be just a odd factor …ignoring that we have a great probability be the greatest nation but as you said system is corrupted…minds gone blind…

    PS..adey ban eth iiye diwl wagayak hambela mata mathak una ubawa ,moko mata mathakai uba diwl kada asai wagey mokak hari ekak…eda bo lage gedara ena dawaseyth man hewwa ubata genna …eth a dieul awarey mage hithey hambuney naha…

  7. @quantum:

    ya mata hituna mang tikak track panala kiyala.hehe

    ya eka aththa thamang laga thiyana eken 1/3 denawa kiyanne aththatama loku deyak.

    samahara wita mehe godak aya oya kiyana pudgalaya wage nowanne thama udaw nokalath anikuth aya udaw karai kiyala wennathi

    namuth wena ratakanam dannawa thamange jaathiye aya harima adui kiyala. ethakota consciously or unconsciously u happen to help that person……..ane manda……manussaya kiyanne maha amutu

  8. oh sorry sorry ekama dee deparak kiyala wage mama. (ada dawasa hari naha)

    yup oya kiwwa wage api hamoma ee widihata hithuwanam meeta wada godak apita diyunu wenna puluwan 😀

  9. sorry again i typed my website wrong 🙂
    here’s the corect one.

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