Welcome to the xQuantum Blog!

I’m Dhanushka, a Sri Lankan living in Adelaide, Australia. Did my 1st Degree in Computer Science at UniSA and now reading for the Master of ICT Management qualification in the same Uni. Looking forward for the PhD 😛

I work as a part time Consultant in Project Management and Information Security fields.

Doing research on various technical areas and writing conference papers is the main hobby of myself and my research interests are Privacy, Ethics in Web 2.0 and Multi dimensional Project Management.

Other than that hobby, I like to see things from different perspectives. When you alter several dimensions of a particular thing or an event, you see many different aspects of the same thing/ event. Really enjoy it!

Hence some of the blog posts might be awkward / controversial bla bla.. But I like to do it 🙂 Nothing personal with anybody/ any religion/ any technology or any political party – It’s just my personal opinion.

Topics of this blog will vary from political views to social views to explanations, religion, poems, philosophy, technology, languages, arts & music and many other things. So better to follow the category tree.

So that’s all about myself and my blog… ah.. I’ve found the love of my life now, finally…. lol So no vacancies anymore 😛   Ah… Ya.. as a Computer Scientist, I’m proud to say that I found my love coz of the Cyber Space. (A Virtual Community site called http://www.ElaKiri.com)



  1. I guess i wont forget that name [from that finding ur true love thing u did !!!! lol]
    btw, this is nice work. [another angle of view of the same detail, like in vantage point.]

    p.s.: thx for the b’day wish too 🙂

  2. මෙම බ්ලොග් අඩවිය නම් ඉතා අගනෙයි.

  3. මචෝ පොඩි දෙයක් කියන්නම්.
    “imagination is more important than knowledge” කියන්නේ “පරිකල්පනය දැනුමට වඩා වැදගත්ය” කියන එකයි. දැනුම හා බුද්ධිය කියන්නේ සම්පූර්ණයෙන්ම වෙනස් දෙකක්. පටලවා ගන්න එපා. අනික සිතීම හා පරිකල්පනය කියන්නෙත් දෙකක්.

  4. රුක්ෂාන් > ස්තුතියි මිත්‍රයා…

    ජීවන්ත > ස්තුතියි පෙන්වල දුන්නු එකට යාලුවා. මම වැරැද්ද ඉක්මනින්ම නිරාකරණය කරන්නම්.

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