Old Sinhala Songs

Sinhala is the official language of Sri Lanka. (Well.. As of 03rd September 2008 lol)

Sinhala songs vary in their genres from Folk songs to Classical music, RnB, HipHop, Blues to even A-Capella and Rock & Roll.

But for me, I like and I personally Love old Sinhala songs. They do have a great meaning. I’m not telling the contemporary songs are meaningless. But ‘personally’ I like old songs – OLD IS GOLD! they say 😉

Since I’m not in Sri Lanka, I couldn’t get hold of many favourite songs until very recently some great guys uploaded those songs for ElaKiri.com

Since they’ve uploaded them in a free hosting site, they’ll get deleted after some time. Hence I thought of uploading them to a more reliable site so that those songs will be preserved for future. Irrespective of the generation, we all can enjoy these songs.

Section is still under construction 😀



  1. The same problem also emerged for me buddy. There should be a way to share music free, Specially old music since we can have new songs in few different ways. So seems U are going to make some attempt for that ha?

    Congrats in advance! We’ll be contributing…

  2. @ Haresh >> Ow machang. Thanks to various great guys like Madhu, pads, Deelaka, Shiwantha, Jayantha & many more @ ElaKiri.com, I have ‘some what’ a collection now. So can strengthen the life of those songs.

    Lets see bro 😀 Thanks for the comment 😉

  3. Ela kollek………..Thanx for initiating such a thing!!!
    Thawa tika dawasakin retire unama mung karanna inne me tika thamai, I have a great library of songs, I’m going to try & digitally enhance the audio quality of those songs as some of them are of poor quality,
    We are with you bro………..
    PS, clean in your PM box in EK

  4. A great Site dhanushka bro.Good luck for ur future

  5. bauthika vidyawa maha sagarayanam….mama ehi werale athi siphi katuwaka hadaya balana singiththeki..SIR AISAK NIUTAN.

    a wagei mata parana sindhu KOLLO.thiyenawanam ewahan……………….??????????

  6. Macho mata “MAL MAL MAVATHE” kiyana sinhala track eka ona… eka patta song eka. mata eka nathiwa adilay inne!!

    If anyone can pls help me!!!



  7. I want to free download Sinhala Mp3 songs

  8. mata lassana old hits tika one.i love for sri Lanka

  9. I am looking for a old song not sure the singer (MALATHI PRIYE EI DUKA DENNE MA LATHA WANNE ENU SUMIHIRIYA )



  10. I want free downloadable old sinhala songs please.

  11. I am still waiting till you upload the old Sinhala songs.

    I can also share what I have, if you email me.

    Pl. give the singer’s name also.

  12. when will u upload this songs? thanks.

  13. I very like and I need this song’kerakevi ratha roade waage inna maarge dukin singanna

  14. I need The very old song that, kerakevi ratha roade waage and ipadune me gammane gammane ape ammane please send me the above songs. thanks.

  15. rosa pata thol pethi wala perena adare……. Pol gaha yata kotiya inna mage bothale…
    me sinduwa hoyala denna. thank you.

  16. pera dinak eda hamu uya kothanakdo

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